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CryoSkin Frequently asked questions

As with any new treatment, there are common questions that should be asked and answered to be as educated and as comfortable as possible going into the first session.

Is Cryoskin 3.0 safe?
The device used in Cryoskin 3.0 treatments is very safe as it’s controlled electronically by the processing system to limit low and high temperatures to only what is needed for treatment.

How does it feel? Is it painful?

Treatments are painless. Customers provide different accounts of their experience, but most explain the treatments as being akin to a light massage with a warm beginning and a cooler ending to the session.

Is Cryoskin different than Cryotherapy?
Yes. Cryoskin utilizes a localized wand for approximately 30 minute (slimming) sessions or 20 minute (toning / lifting) sessions. Cryotherapy utilizes a chamber, requiring the patient to stand up to their neck to receive a hyper cool air treatment for about 2-3 minutes.

Is there anyone that should not receive Cryoskin treatments?
As with any new treatment or procedure, you should consult your doctor if you’re unsure of anything. Specifically though, anyone with the following conditions should not undergo Cryoskin treatments:

Severe Raynaud’s syndrome
People who suffer from very poor circulation
Pregnant woman
Severe diabetes

Are there any side effects?
Results and experiences may vary, but generally there are no side effects other than increased urination (for up to 3 days after your treatment) and redness in the localized area of your treatments (for up to 3 hours after your treatment).

In some rare cases where customers did not clean off cosmetic products before their sessions, there were reports of itchiness due to possible reactions with said products. It’s always advised to avoid using any topical creams, moisturizers or products before any session.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for each Cryoskin session?
Although you do not need to do or bring anything to your sessions, we do recommend that you maintain good hydration and a healthy diet leading up to your sessions. It is also advised that you avoid wearing any makeup (for facial treatments) or cosmetic products on your body before coming in for your session.

How often can I receive Cryoskin treatments?
Cryoskin slimming treatments are spaced out by two weeks. The reason for this is because the treatment breaks down fat cells which will naturally pass through your body’s elimination process (blood, lymphatic and urine). This natural process, on average, takes about 2 weeks thus the recommended time frame between sessions. More frequent sessions, although not found to be harmful, could clog pathways and compromise results.

Are there certain areas of the body where Cryoskin works the best?
Results vary by patient, but the most commonly targeted areas are the arms, stomach, back, face, neck and legs (thighs).

How soon can I expect to see results from Cryoskin treatments?
Many patients experience visible results after just the first session. However, it’s much more common to see the best results 2-3 weeks after the start of treatment. These results (slimming, toning, tightening) are known to last for several months after treatment as well. We recommend a regular schedule of treatments every 6 months to maintain these results.